Get Your Littles Reading!

I found this super duper cool blog with awesome ideas and inspirations for getting your kids reading. It’s never too soon, or too late, to help the kidlets become readers. They’re the future! Get them some books! Seriously, check this out…

Bringing Lit to your Littles, getting your child to read

I take my five year old niece to the library every week. She loves it. I give her books every chance I get. I sent her a picture of her wrapped birthday presents last Saturday, because they were pretty, and I knew she’d be excited. She said “I bet that green one is a book!” And you know what? SHE WAS RIGHT. It cracks me up, yet makes me insanely proud that she associates me with books and reading. I try so hard to instill in her a love of stories and books. KT has some GREAT ideas. I’ll be implementing them! She’s giving us one thing a day for all of October! I know, I know, October is a little over halfway through. But! This is a really cool post with some great stuff.

Also, how is October almost gone? I feel like 2016 flew by.


Did you hear that?

Any who! Check this out. Get your kiddos reading! You know I wouldn’t share this if it weren’t important.

Future World Leaders

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16 Kids that May Have All the Answers in Life

These little tykes are the future!

This was a thing I found that I couldn’t resist showing you guys. I’d like to think, being the weird-o that I am, I was this clever as a child. Unlikely, but nice to think about.

Some of these kids are going to write great books one day.

The Best Eight Young Adult Books-and Why Grown Ups Should Read Them, Too


Found this neat little list of books for you guys to check out.

Also, Neil Gaiman is on the list (who is pictured above) and he’s one of my favorites. I strive to write with the clarity and elegant simplicity he does. Brilliant. Anywho! Check out the list and let me know of any other YA books you find particularly influential.