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horror romance ebook, paperback, book Demonic Illusions by K.D. Reed

Those from Hell cannot be trusted.

Over a lukewarm cup of coffee, Sam meets a seductive, mind-reading, demon. Illusions, possessions, and a blood-signed contract soon navigate his life. His demon is impulsive, sexy, and dangerous. But the world she comes from is a greater threat. Hell is after them.

3 novellas tell a story of why those from Hell cannot be trusted.

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Kevin a science fiction book by author K.D. Reed

Nominated for a Summer Indie Book Award!

Kevin Brown is Earth’s newest inmate. Shamelessly guilty of murder, he’s stuck here for the next fifty years. It smells, the sun is too bright, and he has to socialize with others. Nothing about his new life is fair. Shortly after arriving, he’s taken in by a quirky thief, a family man who’s too nice for his own good, and the cold, mysterious, Rebecca. But, it’s not long until a violent gang of other offenders find out about Kevin. And they want him. Instead of complaining about his miserable life, he now has to fight for it.

Well rounded with action, emotion, and engaging characters, Kevin is the story of a man forced to look outside of himself and come to terms with his own humanity. Part science fiction, part dystopian, part new adult, and completely captivating.

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