Author K.D. Reed



Kevin a science fiction book by author K.D. Reed

Nominated for a Summer Indie Book Award!

Kevin Brown is Earth’s newest inmate. Shamelessly guilty of murder, he’s stuck here for the next fifty years. It smells, the sun is too bright, and he has to socialize with others. Nothing about his new life is fair. Shortly after arriving, he’s taken in by a quirky thief, a family man who’s too nice for his own good, and the cold, mysterious, Rebecca. But, it’s not long until a violent gang of other offenders find out about Kevin. And they want him. Instead of complaining about his miserable life, he now has to fight for it.

Well rounded with action, emotion, and engaging characters, Kevin is the story of a man forced to look outside of himself and come to terms with his own humanity. Part science fiction, part dystopian, part new adult, and completely captivating.


Demonic Impulse a paranormal romance and horror book by K.D. Reed

When you make a deal with the devil, you’d expect to get burned.

Sam is a normal, sloppy kind of guy. A bummer of a dude, really. But he’s been chosen. When he gathers the courage to approach the hottest woman he’s ever seen, he doesn’t know she’s a demon. A real life demonic woman from the Underworld. She needs what only a human can give her, and she’s picked Sam. Illusions, possessions, and a blood-signed contract soon navigate his life. She’s promised Sam everything he’s ever wanted. Will it be worth it?

Haunted a paranormal romance and horror book by K.D. Reed

Those from Hell cannot be trusted.

Suspicion and annoyance boils within Sam. A demon loves him, but he’s unsure of what to do about it. She’s impulsive, sexy, and dangerous. And now, he’s taking Delilah to meet his family. It’s supposed to be the perfect weekend in a cozy cabin. With his cheerful mom, religious dad, and a sister that’s nothing but question marks, a demon should fit right in. Sam is dreading all of it, of course. But when weird things start happening, he’ll have something real to fear. The cabin is inhabited by something other than human. Sam’s family is in danger. Their hope rests with Delilah. If only Sam could trust her.

Hell's Princess a paranormal romance and horror book by K.D. Reed

Coming September 22nd the final Demonic Illusions book!

Sam and Delilah may be reunited, but that doesn’t mean they’ll survive.

A depressed and defeated Sam is lost without Delilah. One hour turned into sixty-six days. He’s desperate and alone. When Delilah finally makes her way back she’s in serious danger. And so is Sam. An underworld leader wants Delilah, and Sam is in the way. They’ll soon have to fight for not only each other. But their freedom.

Hell is after them.

Demonic Illusions by K.D. Reed a paranormal romance and horror book series

Now you can get Books 1, 2, and 3 all in one paperback!

(also available as an ebook)



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