Why Your Family Name Did Not Come From a Mistake at Ellis Island

Ellis Island NYC
View of Ellis Island from a boat

This is a super interesting little article for two reasons:

  1. My husband came over in 2007 (A HUNDRED YEARS LATER) from Europe and had a name issue due to alphabet differences.
  2. My first book Kevin starts at Ellis Island because he’s from another planet, so in an odd, slightly humorous to me way he “immigrated”. (Him being sent there against his will as a prisoner is a whole other issue.)

Anyway, check this out if you like. I thought it was interesting.

And, you can get Kevin HERE.

Future World Leaders

Untitled 2

16 Kids that May Have All the Answers in Life

These little tykes are the future!

This was a thing I found that I couldn’t resist showing you guys. I’d like to think, being the weird-o that I am, I was this clever as a child. Unlikely, but nice to think about.

Some of these kids are going to write great books one day.

The Best Eight Young Adult Books-and Why Grown Ups Should Read Them, Too


Found this neat little list of books for you guys to check out.

Also, Neil Gaiman is on the list (who is pictured above) and he’s one of my favorites. I strive to write with the clarity and elegant simplicity he does. Brilliant. Anywho! Check out the list and let me know of any other YA books you find particularly influential.

Challenge Day 8

8. Would you rather go without the internet or a car for a month?

Buh-bye car!

I love my car. She’s super cute, and totally “gets me”. Her name the The Money Penny (y’know… like James Bond) and she’s orange-ish red and wonderful.

HOWEVER. I hate driving. For me, driving is a oneway ticket to Anxiety-land. I just panic so fast. Ah! I don’t even drive on freeways because I get too freaked out.

The internet though, is my best friend. There’s just so much information to get my hands on! I don’t think I could function without accessing the internet to find out what I need to find out. It’s all there. I can’t write without the web, I can’t talk to people without the web, I can’t breathe without the web… you get the idea.