We’re in Print!


The Cover!

Amazon came through, and has officially listed Kevin in paperback format! Now you can have a digital copy, a hard copy, or a signed hard copy. The last of those options will take a few weeks to get to you, as I have to first wait for them to get to me. But! If you want one, just comment below, or tweet me, or Facebook me, or email me at authorkdreed@gmail.com.

Either format of Kevin can be purchased by clicking on the link at the top of this page and to the right. Just click which version you want. (Alternatively, for a paperback, you can click the giant picture above you within this post)

I’m really excited about his. My happy dance was magnificent. I’d be a youtube sensation if anyone had been around (and able to stop laughing for 11 seconds) to record it.

I just want to give the whole wide world a hug and say THANK YOU for all of your continued support, and patronage.


Happy reading!