Red Ascent — REVIEW

I recently read the science fiction novel Red Ascent by Dillon Foley, and found myself pretty captivated…

I was commissioned to read and review the following book. All opinions are honest and my own.

A book review of Red Ascent a science fiction novel by Dillon Foley

Excellent story. Fantastic intensity. Relevant to our times and an interesting examination of our current society and the ongoing, often internal, war on religion and the acceptance of all people.

It’s clear the author is attuned to the mindset of present day America and what often feels like the core of humanity’s motivations. While the focus of this story often shifts to God and Christianity, it was refreshing to see it discussed from a perspective of love and equality. A science-fiction work would be expected to rehash the God vs. Science argument, but Foley takes a surprising approach and instead argues love vs. class division. It was an inspiring stance that had this reviewer often agreeing with the protagonist.

Chelsea Shaw is an under appreciated aide for a prominent, and disgustingly corrupt senator. When she learns the leaders of America are covering up a doomsday event, and planning an escape to Mars taking with them only the wealthiest, and most elite, her only choice is to leak the story and find a way to save everyone else they intend to leave behind.

After many dangers and tragedies, Chelsea finds herself the leader of an operation that will lead the human race to Mars. Racing against both the clock and the corrupt leaders of America, her coalition is one built on everyone’s right to life.

With a vast array of characters (some loveable, some despicable, all flawed in their own way) Chelsea builds a community and a family. But everything is against them. World leaders. Science. Technology. Faith. They have an impossible amount of work to do to get everyone on Mars. And time is running out.

While this book does approach amateurish in its use of cliches and semi-predictable dialogue, the bones of this story keep you going.

There are some impossible instances, and a few “that would never actually happen” plot moments, but this reviewer forgave them because of the emotion drawn out of the reader. Identifying with the characters isn’t difficult, so it was easy to become engrossed with their story. I rooted for Chelsea the entire book.

Foley has a wonderful way with action sequences. More than once I found myself holding my breath, sighing with relief, cheering out loud, or gasping in suspense. The way tense scenes were told was exhilarating and sometimes emotionally exhausting.

There were times, in between those high intensity moments, of big, chunky dialogue, and it often felt like a sermon. Thankfully, love, equality, and the importance of accepting people were the messages being delivered. There was also an organic quality to it, that made the borderline preaching easier to swallow.

Overall, I really enjoyed the story. Many times Red Ascent led me to contemplating the decisions I’d make if in Chelsea, or any of the other character’s, situation. Where would I go? Who would I follow? What would I base those decisions on? It left me shaking my head at the greed and dishonorable choices governments make in the real world, but also hopeful that not all is lost if one finds themselves in that scenario.

Relevant. Hopeful. Exciting. Thought-provoking. While there are whiffs of “new writer” throughout, I didn’t care. The story was captivating. Socially provocative, in an incredibly positive way.


Demonic Illusions in Print!

Demonic Illusions paranormal book series by K.D. Reed

Man! This fall is full of excitement!

You read right! The entire Demonic Illusions series will be available in paperback this fall. Here are the details:

The entire series will be sold as a collection in paperback. To justify the production cost and to save a few trees (because trees are friends!!) I decided not to print the individual books separately. It just didn’t make sense to me. However, when you put the three together, it makes a perfect novel-length book. Bam! Just like that. I know a lot of my readers prefer a book in hand, so I opted to do it this way. Sadly, they have to be a little more patient than my eReader friends. But that’s okay! They’re nice people. And they deserve love and books to put on their shelves. The wait is almost over you beautiful people. Demonic Illusions will be in print this fall.

There will also be an eBook of all three in a “box set” type of situation. I know I like to have an entire series in one place. Convenience, aesthetics, whatever. It’s nice to have them all there.

Individual eBooks will be available too. So, if you’ve already got Books 1 and 2, you can snag Book 3 as normal. You won’t have to buy the other two again in the “box set” just to read the third book. That’d be a jerk move on my part. And, that’s not what I’m about. I want to write stories that people like. Then get them to the people in as many ways possible. I JUST WANT EVERYBODY HAPPY OKAY?

That’s it for today’s announcements. Be watching, though. I’ve got release dates to announce, covers to reveal, and books releasing soon. So, stay tuned. There’s a lot happening in the next month.

Also, don’t forget about Kevin (my science fiction, and first, book). It’s been nominated for a Summer Indie Book Award! Voting opens up September 1st and I’ll be posting more about that when the time comes.

See you soon! Author out.


2016 Summer Indie Book Awards!

Summer Indie Book Awards

Kevin has been nominated (by more than one person, might I add) for a Summer Indie Book Award!

This award is determined by votes, so expect a bit of spam come September 1st. You can vote for Kevin once a day September 1st through 10th. I’ll post the links when they’re available.

I’m quite honored by this nomination. Probably not going to write an acceptance speech or anything. But, I’m pretty excited.

Kevin a science fiction book by author K.D. Reed

Thank you everyone, again, for your undying support. You are all special angels and I love each and every one of you.

Author K.D. Reed




horror romance ebook, paperback, book Demonic Illusions by K.D. Reed

Those from Hell cannot be trusted.

Over a lukewarm cup of coffee, Sam meets a seductive, mind-reading, demon. Illusions, possessions, and a blood-signed contract soon navigate his life. His demon is impulsive, sexy, and dangerous. But the world she comes from is a greater threat. Hell is after them.

3 novellas tell a story of why those from Hell cannot be trusted.

Get Demonic Illusions here!


Kevin a science fiction book by author K.D. Reed

Nominated for a Summer Indie Book Award!

Kevin Brown is Earth’s newest inmate. Shamelessly guilty of murder, he’s stuck here for the next fifty years. It smells, the sun is too bright, and he has to socialize with others. Nothing about his new life is fair. Shortly after arriving, he’s taken in by a quirky thief, a family man who’s too nice for his own good, and the cold, mysterious, Rebecca. But, it’s not long until a violent gang of other offenders find out about Kevin. And they want him. Instead of complaining about his miserable life, he now has to fight for it.

Well rounded with action, emotion, and engaging characters, Kevin is the story of a man forced to look outside of himself and come to terms with his own humanity. Part science fiction, part dystopian, part new adult, and completely captivating.

Get Kevin here!


Look How Far We’ve Come


Kevin is about being brave enough, and wise enough, to change who you are. If you don’t mind, I’d like to share with you the beginnings of Kevin, and in the process, me.

This book has been an odd journey. I actually wrote it almost five years ago. The first draft took me three days. It needed out. I originally intended it to be a companion piece for a full novel about one of the other characters within the story. However, Kevin took shape faster and easier than planned. So, here he is. I’m now hoping to write other books along the same story arc. I just love the concept. Any who, I was in a weird place when writing this. I was depressed. I had no job, no money, no real friends. I lived with my grandmother (who I will cherish for the rest of my days, she’s a gem of a woman). I sat in the basement, a prisoner to the TV, all the live long day. My life was nothing, and going nowhere. I was struck with an idea for a book about Earth being a prison for another planet. I put together some bullet points for a plot, set up some character profiles, and started an outline. Then, I lost motivation. Not an uncommon problem when you’re so… done with life. That’s what I was. I was almost done with life. I had given up the idea of being a person. I was going to die alone, in that basement, and it really didn’t matter. I didn’t matter.

While scrolling through the internet one afternoon, I saw an ad for a writing contest. Write a sci-fi or fantasy story. Win money. I figured that was easy enough. So I tinkered away at my “sci-fi” idea and came up with Kevin, a prequel novel for my longer, more in-depth piece I’d get around to writing eventually.

The story spewed out of me. I didn’t have to think. It was like Kevin wrote itself, and I just had to transcribe it.

I never did enter it into the contest. I let my mom read some of it. A few other people over the years read bits and pieces. My cousin said it needed to be made into a movie. All very nice things to say about a dinky little sci-fi piece.

Fast forward some years and here I am. Living, working, in love with a brilliant Bulgarian, and publishing the story I’m so proud of, yet scared to set free. My depression is managed. I’m thriving, not merely living. THAT’S why Kevin has to make its way in the world now. I know I’ll never be able to write with this tone again. I’m not who I was five years ago. I broke the chains of mental disease and clawed my way into a life I’m happy with. A life I’m choosing. So, Kevin is representing my step forward into a real life.

Now, we’re both free.