Why Your Family Name Did Not Come From a Mistake at Ellis Island

Ellis Island NYC
View of Ellis Island from a boat

This is a super interesting little article for two reasons:

  1. My husband came over in 2007 (A HUNDRED YEARS LATER) from Europe and had a name issue due to alphabet differences.
  2. My first book Kevin starts at Ellis Island because he’s from another planet, so in an odd, slightly humorous to me way he “immigrated”. (Him being sent there against his will as a prisoner is a whole other issue.)

Anyway, check this out if you like. I thought it was interesting.

And, you can get Kevin HERE.

What’s in a name?

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I decided to switch up the name so I’ll be easier to find after I publish. Which is in a few weeks.

Ah! Exciting! You read right! I’ll be publishing my first piece in just a short while. More details will come soon, so stay tuned…

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