Good News!

And bad news

My proof copy of Kevin arrived today! It’s in print, and tangible and smells like a BOOK.

It’s also horrendous.

The page formatting is all off, it’s too big, and the font just isn’t what it should be.

But, the cover looks great!

The point is, we’re only a few agonizing short weeks away from a print version being available. Just a few… more… baby… steps…


Quite like Bob. “Baby steps onto the bus…”

Don’t Forget!

If you buy my book, and you like my book, you should review my book.

(If you haven’t bought my book, you can do so over there ——>)

Kevin is doing pretty well. I’m pleased. Amazon reviews are really helpful for reaching more of an audience. So please, leave me a review.

And, just so you know, those who do review Kevin get my undying love. I’m talking all of eternity, never ending, zombie level undying love.

and_they_call_it_zombie_love___by_annoyinglycute-d54y2llSo there’s that.

Where I Am.


He’s right, though!

I am so grateful my life ended up where it did. As a child I never intended to write. I thought I’d end up a ballet dancer, or a singer. Well, my career as a dancer came to a screeching halt at 18 when I injured myself. I still sing, but not often enough. Being creative, I turned to writing.

Getting stories out of my head gave me purpose. I become so attached to my characters, I feel guilty when I don’t write enough. They need their stories told, and I’m the only one who can do it!

The point is… I intended to be a principal ballet dancer, or a broadway star.

I’m neither of those things.

What I am is a writer who has the love an outstanding man, a loving family, little baby animals (they’re not babies, they’re actually quite grown) who love me unconditionally, and a three year old niece watching my every move. If that’s not motivation to do my best, I don’t know what is.

I’ve got love coming from every direction. How could I want for anything?

Okay, I’m starting to sound like a hippie.

To rough up this post a little, I’ll add that I am not able to make a living with my writing.


(ahem, you can buy my first book, Kevin, buy clicking the link on my sidebar that says “buy my book here”)

Thanks for reading.

Many Thanks

I cannot thank everyone enough for the support I’ve seen today! Day one of being a published author has gone very well. Kevin is receiving some great reviews and comments.

I’m feeling pretty good. My heart is full of gratitude and hope. I couldn’t have asked for better people to be by my side.

This weekend I got some work done on my full novel Maia. I’m super excited to keep writing and put out some more stuff for my readers. Hopefully, you like it all.

Thanks again!

Tick… Tock…

We are down to a mere hours, people!

Just so you all know, I got some good stuff down for the novel Maia that will hopefully be finished soon. I’m really excited about that concept. More to come on that in the coming weeks.

Kevin however, is rearing to go! I am so excited to release this little story. I hope some of you like it. This project really is a part of me, and I’m truly thankful for all of you who are next to me during this journey. You’re making this adventure so much sweeter!

I keep eyeballing my countdown clock! I feel like I should have a New Year’s Eve crown on or something. I need some noisemakers and confetti for this midnight!!