Spring Colors


It may be dumping snow in SLC this minute, but our hearts are full of Spring goodness!

I love the juxtaposition/combination/general pretty-ness of purple and yellow together. So lovely!

I hope all my readers had a wonderful Easter and I hope it is a bit Springier wherever you may be!

National Love Your Pet Day!

I love my babies so much! They’ve been with me through a lot. And now that I added a husband, our family is complete.


Evie has been with me since 2006. She’s my best friend. Just ask her.


Chewey is my little boy. When we met, he was chewing up my brand new heels. I held a grudge for about a year. Long story short, he’s now my baby.

Pets are important family members. I dedicated my first book to mine. They’ve been with me through it all and my story telling wouldn’t be what it is without them cheering me on while simultaneously napping. They’re talented like that.

I’d love to hear about your fur babies!

Throwback Thursday!

Baby 6

Because it’s been almost a year since we lost him, and he’d be so excited that I’m finally publishing the story I that was such a struggleย to write because he refused to get off my lap.

This photo was taken during last year’s Olympics. Sphinx wanted to show his support for our team.

February 2014