Hell’s Princess

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Hell's Princess a paranormal romance and horror book by K.D. Reed

Now you can own the final installment of Demonic Illusions!

The complete set will be released tomorrow. The paperback next week.

It’s been a roller coast of a late summer. Waiting for Sam to tell me where he and Delilah were going to end up took some time. He wasn’t quick about it. But, I’m so pleased to have worked it out. Feel free to send me hate mail about the ending. I don’t invent the stories, I just tell them. But! I love talking about it. So, comment away!

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You’ve been asking, and now I’ve finally been able to deliver!

Demonic Illusions is now available for Nook, Smashwords, Kobo, and iBooks!






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Not For the Faint of Heart

Demonic Impulse Quote 2

Have you checked out Demonic Impulse yet? Brace yourself. It’s not cute. It’s not fluffy.

It’s rough. It’s twisted. It’s dark.

And it’s packed with brutal honesty.

It’s even a bit sultry.

I’d love to know if any of you have read it. I also love discussing the ideas in my works, so comment below for some jazzy conversation.

Thanks for reading!

Demonic Impulse

Demonic Impulse Cover

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We’re a day early. Which is AWESOME.

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Sam finally gathered the courage to approach the hottest girl he’s ever seen. He didn’t know she was a demon. Illusions, possessions, and a blood signed contract now navigate his life. The demon needs something only Sam can give her. She’s promised him everything he’s ever wanted. Will it be worth it?

Demonic Impulse is thrilling, juicy, and not for the faint of heart.

As I said before, I’m immensely proud of how this turned out. After a day of outlining, and only a few weeks of writing, things just seemed to fall into place for Sam and Delilah. I’m eager to continue their story.

I never thought I’d be a “horror” writer. But it’s too much fun, and too intense to leave alone. I’m quite excited about where it’s taking me. It’s almost addictive.

I cannot thank everyone enough for supporting me, both with writing in general and with Demonic Impulse. Even you, blog reader. I feel your love and encouragement. (Wow, that escalated to sappy quicker than I intended)

Thank You 1

Better be off, now. Book two isn’t going to write itself.


We’re in Print!


The Cover!

Amazon came through, and has officially listed Kevin in paperback format! Now you can have a digital copy, a hard copy, or a signed hard copy. The last of those options will take a few weeks to get to you, as I have to first wait for them to get to me. But! If you want one, just comment below, or tweet me, or Facebook me, or email me at authorkdreed@gmail.com.

Either format of Kevin can be purchased by clicking on the link at the top of this page and to the right. Just click which version you want. (Alternatively, for a paperback, you can click the giant picture above you within this post)

I’m really excited about his. My happy dance was magnificent. I’d be a youtube sensation if anyone had been around (and able to stop laughing for 11 seconds) to record it.

I just want to give the whole wide world a hug and say THANK YOU for all of your continued support, and patronage.


Happy reading!

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