Pinterest & Me

I am quite the Pinterest user. I’m on it all the time. Some say it’s an unhealthy addiction, but I don’t heed that kind of toxic talk. They’re just jealous of my awesome Pinterest skills.

Any who! The point is, I use it frequently when writing to stir up my creative juices. It helps to look at what I’m talking about. Let me illustrate that point a little:

I have many Pinterest boards for my books. I have a New York board for Kevin, I have a complete collection of what seems like randomness to others for Maia, and I have a Delilah board for my Demonic Illusions series.

Delilah is the demon in the series (debuting  in Demonic Impulse due out this weekend, January 9th) and she’s really fun. To help me understand/visualize/have more fun with her, I created a Pinterest board to refer to. It’s great! I can pin things I want to mention about her. I can go back to it, and remind myself about a certain trait. Sometimes, I just scroll through it, to kick off the dust if it’s been a few days since I visited her story.

It’s not just Sam’s story, it’s her story too. That’s what makes this book so great. There’s double, almost conflicting, views to everything.

The point of me prattling on about all of this is twofold:

  1. As a writer, Pinterest can be an awesome tool. I highly recommend it to others for help. Also, it’s a fun way to explore your character, settings, or to find all sorts of writing advice. I’m there all the time for work related pins.
  2. If you want, you can check out my aforementioned boards, or just get to know me a little better, or follow me. I’m quite active there.

Here’s an example:

Delilah Eye

That’s a cool inspiration image I found for Delilah.

Fire Escape

This set me in the perfect mood when I was revising Kevin.

Thumbelina and Swallow

I love this. Maia is a retelling of Thumbelina. This illustration warms my heart, since my focus often centers on her relationship with the swallow. So great.

You get the idea. (And you can click the images to view the Pinterest boards.)

Keep an eye out for Demonic Impulse. I’m really excited, and quite proud of it. And fellow writers, do try Pinterest for career related assistance. I cannot rave about it enough.


Challenge Day 10

Hey! We made it!

Honestly, I’m a little sorry to close out this challenge. A longer challenge is in order for next time. If there’s any extraordinary challenges you know of, drop me a line. Now! On to the final day…

10. Would you rather sing every word you speak or always speak in rhymes?

This may come as a surprise to those who know me personally, but I would choose to speak in rhymes.

I’m a vocalist. For reals. I sing many songs, I’ve been in several musicals, and I’m in a “band” (I use quotes because there’s only the two of us, but trust me THAT’S ENOUGH. We friggin’ rock.) However, singing everything would get really annoying really fast for those in my life. My tiny dog howls when you sing too loud. So, if I got mad at him and were to sing loudly at him for leaving me a surprise (translation: poops) he’s just going to howl back. What good is that going to do anyone? Also, I’m pretty sure the boyfriend would leave me for a non-singing writer.

If I spoke in rhymes though, I’d sound like a super mysterious sorceress. People would come from far away lands to hear me cast my spells. (Or burn me at stake, whatever)

Also, I could probably make a fortune selling books in the style of Dr. Seuss.

Thanks for challenging with me!

Challenge Day 9

9. Would you rather have to sit all day or stand all day?

Aw, man… I’m afraid I’d have to say sit.

Because I’m lazy like that.

Really, though standing is fine, but walking is better. Just standing gets so… boring.  I don’t think I ever really just stand. I’m fidgeting, or pacing, or wriggling around in some way. At least sitting, my feet don’t hurt…

Challenge Day 8

8. Would you rather go without the internet or a car for a month?

Buh-bye car!

I love my car. She’s super cute, and totally “gets me”. Her name the The Money Penny (y’know… like James Bond) and she’s orange-ish red and wonderful.

HOWEVER. I hate driving. For me, driving is a oneway ticket to Anxiety-land. I just panic so fast. Ah! I don’t even drive on freeways because I get too freaked out.

The internet though, is my best friend. There’s just so much information to get my hands on! I don’t think I could function without accessing the internet to find out what I need to find out. It’s all there. I can’t write without the web, I can’t talk to people without the web, I can’t breathe without the web… you get the idea.

Challenge Day 7

7. Would you rather only be able to whisper or only be able to shout everything?

Whisper. All the way. My voice naturally projects (I get it from my mother) and people are always telling me to quiet down. I don’t even mean to be loud. It’s a tad annoying. So… whisper. I would guess only being able to yell would be the equivalent of always typing in caps. People are just going to assume you’re mad. I’d rather not, thank you.

Challenge Day 6

6. Would you rather have a rewind button in your life or a pause button in your life?

Man, oh man. A pause button. And, I’ll tell you why…

I think a rewind button is just too dangerous. In my opinion time travel is just not taken seriously enough. Every move you or I make directly and indirectly affects people lives. If I do something I regret (or don’t regret, for that matter) it causes a ripple that goes on forever; and I truly feel like that’s enough. I certainly don’t deserve the power to go back and try again. Once is more than enough. Every little thing we do goes on and on and on. If I go back and change ANYTHING, I may accidentally change EVERYTHING. Too big a risk. No thank you. Just a big ol’ bowl of nope.

Pausing however is more than welcome. For instance, if I’m in a heated discussion and I need the perfect thing to say… You bet your bottom I’m going to hit my pause button, think, then respond. It would give me the chance to be diplomatic, tactic, and clear. It would be nice to have the “best response ever” to someone when I need it, not two hours later.

Also, wouldn’t it be nice to pause your life when you see a disaster about to happen so you can fix it? (eg: Once I saw a dog running across a street and a truck was coming, and I couldn’t stop the dog, and it was tragic, and I’ll never in all my life forget that day) A pause button could be handy…

Challenge Accepted!

I think it’s time for a…

I was tinkering with the idea of a “blog challenge” and this one looked spiffy. Here are the details:

1.Would you rather live in a world where there are no problems or live in a world where you rule?

2. Would you rather get a dream vacation for two weeks or spend a week with anyone in the world?

3. Would you rather fly or read minds?

4. Would you rather have more time or money?

5. Would you have piercings or tattoos?

6. Would you rather have a rewind button in your life or a pause button in your life?

7. Would you rather only be able to whisper or only be able to shout everything?

8. Would you rather go without the internet or a car for a month?

9. Would you rather have to sit all day or stand all day?

10. Would you rather sing every word you speak or always speak in rhymes?

Fasten your seat belts, friends. Some heavy reflection is about to go down.

Can You Have the Mondays on a Tuesday?

You heard of the “Mondays”, yes?

Walking in to work you hear, “Hey Jenkins, you look like you’ve got a bad case of the Mondays.”

That sluggish, angsty, pathetic feeling accompanying the first day of the work week. Bleh.

Well, I’ve got it. The problem, mind you, is that today is TUESDAY. Not fair! My case of the Mondays lapsed over. My pain is not data in an AT&T plan. It’s not supposed to carry over if I don’t use it all up.

I spent last week in sunny, beautiful, perfect California. The boyfriend and I took a trip down to SoCal for some much MUCH needed recharging. It was wonderful and lovely and relaxing. Unfortunately, however, we’re back home. Which means: back to work. My “day job” is great, but I’m not falling back into the flow of my life. My body and soul are rejecting the current state of “real life”. Not cool.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be like a normal hump day so I can get on with my life. I’m also thinking that eating the rest of the red velvet cake in my fridge will help put me on the right track. Cake fixes things. Don’t let anyone tell you differently, kids.