Challenge Day 6

6. Would you rather have a rewind button in your life or a pause button in your life?

Man, oh man. A pause button. And, I’ll tell you why…

I think a rewind button is just too dangerous. In my opinion time travel is just not taken seriously enough. Every move you or I make directly and indirectly affects people lives. If I do something I regret (or don’t regret, for that matter) it causes a ripple that goes on forever; and I truly feel like that’sĀ enough. I certainly don’t deserve the power to go back and try again. Once is more than enough. Every little thing we do goes on and on and on. If I go back and change ANYTHING, I may accidentally change EVERYTHING. Too big a risk. No thank you. Just a big ol’ bowl of nope.

Pausing however is more than welcome. For instance, if I’m in a heated discussion and I need the perfect thing to say… You bet your bottom I’m going to hit my pause button, think, then respond. It would give me the chance to be diplomatic, tactic, and clear. It would be nice to have the “best response ever” to someone when I need it, not two hours later.

Also, wouldn’t it be nice to pause your life when you see a disaster about to happen so you can fix it? (eg: Once I saw a dog running across a street and a truck was coming, and I couldn’t stop the dog, and it was tragic, and I’ll never in all my life forget that day) A pause button could be handy…


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