Can You Have the Mondays on a Tuesday?

You heard of the “Mondays”, yes?

Walking in to work you hear, “Hey Jenkins, you look like you’ve got a bad case of the Mondays.”

That sluggish, angsty, pathetic feeling accompanying the first day of the work week. Bleh.

Well, I’ve got it. The problem, mind you, is that today is TUESDAY. Not fair! My case of the Mondays lapsed over. My pain is not data in an AT&T plan. It’s not supposed to carry over if I don’t use it all up.

I spent last week in sunny, beautiful, perfect California. The boyfriend and I took a trip down to SoCal for some much MUCH needed recharging. It was wonderful and lovely and relaxing. Unfortunately, however, we’re back home. Which means: back to work. My “day job” is great, but I’m not falling back into the flow of my life. My body and soul are rejecting the current state of “real life”. Not cool.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be like a normal hump day so I can get on with my life. I’m also thinking that eating the rest of the red velvet cake in my fridge will help put me on the right track. Cake fixes things. Don’t let anyone tell you differently, kids.


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